Years of horrid and pollution and income tax (despicable) has left the world as a nearly barren wasteland. However, there is just one small chance for its survival and that chance’s success hinges on your ability to deliver. Your Space vessel, equipped with high tech thrusters, p-hoton cannons and a laser beam, possesses organic cargo; plant seeds. You ensure the delivery of this cargo. This will not be an easy trip. It may not even be a 1-way. You’ll be facing hazardous amounts of debris as a result of our horrible tendency to discard our trash in space but yet would find its way back to earth, and an unknown enemy force that wants to ensure our extinction. Good luck. Believe me, you’ll need it.

The Delivery Progress (All on Unreal Engine)

Build 1.0

-Created test environment with obstacles and target simulations

-Mounted a turret (with camera) on top of the ship for player 2

Build 1.2

-Created a more elaborate and accurate test environment (boxes) and implemented a collision system

-Designed new ship with glowing engines and projectiles

-Created enemy A.I. to pursue and shoot player

-Created a heat mechanism for weapons (presented in green bar above player)

Build 1.3

-Adjusted environment color, obstacle placement and hud dust effect

-Implemented health bar and health regeneration system (shoot green orbs to obtain health)

-Implemented a deplete-able thrust/boost ability (meter displayed at top left corner)

Build 1.4

-Added more environmental components (Earth, Sun, Stars)

-Implemented primary sounds (lasers, overheating mechanisms, ship engines, space atmosphere, soundtrack)

Build 1.45

-Designed TUBE as destination for game ending

Build 1.5

-Designed the foundation for the menu

Build 1.6

-Adjusted design for obstacles

-Implemented distance meter (displayed on top left corner)

Build 1.65

-Adjusted design of tunnel

Build 1.7

-Finalised menu display

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