Developed By: Robert Barkley, Ricardo Barkley, & James Mathurin

Releasing on STEAM


In a world consumed by monstrous creatures, and predators reign! Only the strong survive, the weak perish, and sentient life small and frail, constantly living in fear, in these dark times the safest place live is in tall trees, in caves deep underground, they were on the brink of extinction, until one day deep within the planet an unknown a luminous mineral was discovered, It contained energy and power, it was a beacon of hope, It was adapted to weapons, and sparked a new age, the age of imperium, Sentient life rose of the shadows reclaimed the surface world, and the beast scattered to the far sides of the world, some became tamed and obeyed their new masters but as the sentient life grew in numbers, forming faction, fighting for power, You must lead your faction to victory, no matter the cost.

With this FREE-TO-PLAY third-person shooter, you; a Gladiator will be thrown into the Theater Ring like the piece of entertainment you are and forced to fight whatever comes out of the gates. You could simply die and let another take your place or you could claim kill after kill and rise to the top. Push hard enough and Your Reward could be a FREE COPY of our up-coming space adventure game, Space Invaders

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