Who we are

We are an indie game company specializing in PC games.We are a growing team of artists, designers, and programmers, striving for diversity and success, and open to ideas and opportunities. The establishment of Yelkrab Studios was induced by a shared desire between three Brothers; the desire to give players experiences that many of them only wonder of.

Our Goal

Our goal is to create outstanding and sought-after experiences FOR players, ensuring that they rightfully have the FULL experience that they paid for! We strive towards producing and selling COMPLETE games and constantly improving them. FEEDBACK is the most precious tool that we use to enhance the experience we offer players.

Why? From children to adults, we shared the view that many games (as fun as they were) missed details and quirks in games that would amplify the experience that they would provide. We want to integrate the details we had in mind and want our Gamers to share their’s. We don’t want our Gamers to wonder. We want them to experience everything.  

Our Team

Robert Barkley

Robert Barkley is the Co-founder, lead game designer, and 3D Modeller. Specializes in Adobe Maya and host of Yelkrab Studios. Since a young teenager, Robert has been sketching ideas of vastly different worlds with the hopes that he may create stories and share them. With his perpetual supply of creativity, Robert now focuses greatly on developing stories for games.

Ricardo Barkley

Ricardo Barkley is the Co-founder, lead game designer, and gameplay programmer. Specializes in Unreal engine and co-host of Yelkrab Studios.
To this day, Ricardo remains to be a highly passionate.

Miguel Barkley

Miguel Barkley is the marketing and financial manager. Using his skills acquired from University (Marketing & Economics), Miguel aims to displaying and embellishing Yelkrabs whilst simultaneously spending great amounts of time playing its games as well as games from other developers for further inspiration.

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